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Gender: Unisex

STONES is a scent that is inspired by the passage of stones and boulders through time. The weight of stones is expressed by a solid hefty core, and elaborated on with a
salty sense of whimsy. Earthy spicy notes convey sculptural movement, expressing wet boulders & misty forest moss.

This is a spatial-sculptural scent that creates olfactive space. Stones is a weighty, unisex scent that references cologne, as it is centered around a strong Vetiver base with brilliant greens of galbanum, geranium. Tomato, ivy and pine create a playful raw freshness that has a sensation of ancientness. Lotus and nightshade reveal a misty wetness, while muguet and moss ground the scent in their deep dimensionality.

STONES is a limited-edition scent of 200 pieces in 2016, handmade in small batches by a heritage perfumery in Grasse, France, where we produced our first trio of movement- inspired scents. Each bottle is engraved with a unique number. The bottle and silk are hand painted with gestural strokes.

Top: Galbanum, Geranium, Physalis, Tomato

Heart: Pine, Ivy, Lotus, Ginger

Base: Vetiver, Moss, Lichen, Lily




Galbanum, Geranium, Ginger, Ivy, Lichen, Lily, Lotus, Moss, Physalis, Pine, Tomato, Vetiver


50 ml



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