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Bois de Gaiac et Poire

Gender: Female

This creation of Miller et Bertaux represents an experimental approach in the way they understand and present fragrances: as a true olfactory experience. At the launch of the fragrance a video happening was organized. The experimental film captures the reaction of a group of men and women who discovered the scent on a deserted place.

“Close your eyes, and…” is a modern homage to the great classics of perfume history. “Close your eyes, and…” is an olfactory craze with over forty ingredients. “Close your eyes, and…” is like a balm on the skin, like a veil. The woody note stands out as an olfactory signature of Miller et Bertaux. This time “Bois de Gaiac” receives the place of honor.

Top: Lemon, Mandarin

Heart: Jasmine, Rose

Base: Cinnamon, Heliotrop, Almond






Almonds, Cinnamon, Heliotrop, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Rose


50 ml

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